Attractions in Qatar

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  • Dahl Al Hamam Park

    Dahl Al Hamam Park
    Family parkHours open: 8 am-11 pm

    Located where Arab League Street joins the Al Markhiya Street, Dahl Al Hamam park is the best place for kids. The park features a lush green environment and pathways lined with flowers. There are three playgrounds in the park alongside a number of swings, benches, metal and wood climbing frames, plastic slides, and one metal slide.

    The park’s atmosphere is very relaxing with wheelchair-friendly pathways for disabled people. Major activities allowed inside the park include - jogging, roller-blading, scooting, rollerskating, basketball, football, bike rides, and skateboarding.

    Address: Arab League St, Doha, Qatar

    Entry: Free

  • Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve

    Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve
    Wildlife reserveHours open: Mon-Sun | 7 am-5 pm

    Located near the camel race track just 19 km/ 12 miles away from Doha City, the game reserve is a private zoo under the ownership of the Al-Dosari family. As the name suggests, the zoological park is home to a number of animals and birds.

    Popular attractions include - the double-humped camel, Barbary sheep, Arabian oryxes, cheetahs, and Arabian wolves. As there are ample shaded spaces for a perfect family outing, the zoo is frequented by tourists with inquisitive kids. The game reserve also runs an animal adoption program for a few endangered species.

    Address: Al-Shahaniya, Qatar

    Entry: Free

  • Simaisma Mosque

    Simaisma Mosque
    Islamic seminaryTraditional Qatari architecture

    One of the oldest mosques in Qatar, Simaisma Mosque is situated on the Simaisma beach. It serves as a place for prayer as well as a center of education. Just in front of the prayer room, there is a school (Islamic seminary), which teaches the Holy Quran to children. People from other religions are encouraged to follow the prescribed procedure before entering the prayer room. Please note that it is not advisable to enter the mosque and take pictures during the prayer time.

    Hours open: Sunrise to late afternoon

    Address: Simaisma Town, Qatar

  • Qatar Divers

    Qatar Divers
    Water sports9 am-8 pm

    Scuba Diving is a very popular activity in Qatar as it is surrounded by water from three sides. Qatar Divers was opened to the public at the end of 2008. It offers diving and training center and has the most dedicated staff of trained divers. The diving classes offer a safe environment to the learners. The training is carried out in a specialized manner and the safety of the trainee is of the paramount importance here. If you just go for scuba diving, you will undergo an underwater tour of 50 minutes. In this tour, you can feed the fishes, see the underwater wildlife of Qatar, and discover sunken boats, and cars.

    Address: Marriott Hotel Marina, Doha, Qatar

    Entry fee: Yes

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