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  • Msheireb Museums

    Msheireb Museums

    Doha, Qatar

    Msheireb Museums form a vital part of Qatar’s history. They are renowned for celebrating the history of four historic heritage houses (Radwani House, Company House, Bin Jelmood House, and Mohammed bin Jassim House). Each historic heritage house showcases a different theme or time period.

    The houses capture the topics such as slavery, domestic violence, and grueling labor. They represent how Qatar has undergone an enormous change over the past century. There are beautifully restored buildings. The lifestyle of the museum is based on traditional community living.

    Hours open: Mon-Thu (9 am–5pm) | Fri (3 pm–9 pm) | Sat (9 am–9 pm)

    Car parking: Yes

  • Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

    Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

    Al Samriya St, Doha, Qatar

    The museum tells us the story of Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani and the Qatari people of his times. He went on a voyage during which he collected ideas from over four continents. Sheikh Faisal has always welcomed local and international visitors to share the story of this museum.

    The museum is based on the four themes namely, the Islamic Art, Qatar Heritage, Vehicles, and Coins & Currency. This museum has become a famous tourist destination and a point of attraction for the schools, educational institutions, and scholars.

    Hours open: Sun-Thu (9 am–4 pm) | Fri (2 pm–7 pm) | Sat (10 am–6 pm)

    Car parking: Yes

  • Orientalist Museum

    Orientalist Museum - A Fresh Take

    Al Muthaf St, Doha, Qatar

    The Orientalist Museum has got the finest collection of applied arts, provided by the oriental artists. There are approximately 700 paintings, which were collected by an art lover Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed Al Thani in 15 years. The museum team keeps on organizing local and international events for the professional artists.

    In accordance with the Qatar University, the Orientalist Museum introduced a university teaching program on Arts for two years. In 2011, the first group of students was honored when they completed the program.

    Entry fee: Yes

    Car parking: Yes

  • 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum

    3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum

    Doha, Qatar

    The inherent connection between sports and Qatar is demonstrated by the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum (QOSM). This museum depicts the origin, significance, and development of sports' culture in Qatar.

    The museum focuses on preserving, investigating, storing, and exhibiting sports and sports' objects of Qatar. In various international sports events, Qatar has been positioned as a host, which is a big achievement for this small Arab nation. The QOSM follows the concept of 'Integration', which implies to integration in terms of gender, sports discipline, minorities, and level of performance in sports.

    Entry fee: Yes

    Hours open: All days (9 am–6 pm)

  • Simaisma Beach

    Simaisma Beach

    Doha, Qatar

    This beach is an ideal place for nature lovers and bird watchers. The sea is quite away from the beach. At a low tide, the wave extends for 100 m before getting deep for swimming. Spending a morning at Simaisma beach would be a perfect family outing. The kids can enjoy their playing in the muddy and squidgy sand.

    Samaisma beach offers a hassle-free day out to the visitors as it has shaded areas, playgrounds, toilets, a soccer pitch, and many eating outlets in the nearby village area.

    Car parking: In front of the beach

    Washroom: Yes

  • Zekreet Beach

    Zekreet Beach

    Al-Rayyan, Qatar

    It is the most tempting and thrilling place you can find in Qatar, from dune bashing to the rock climbing, you can safely do whatever you want. Zekreet Beach is a rocky beach popular for the picturesque half-moon bay and limestone outcroppings, which resemble the shape of a gigantic mushroom. It is also famous for clear water, limestone formations, and the quiet surroundings.

    The beach has interiors packed with crabs, empty oyster shells and assorted bivalves. People love to do crab hunting in the clear water here. The rocks of the beach have natural curves, which looks like a giant piece of an artwork done by great artists.

    Car parking: On the beach

    Entry fee: Yes

  • Fuwairit Beach

    Fuwairit Beach

    Al Shamal Rd, Fuwayrit, Qatar

    Fuwairit beach is a famous camping spot. With a calm, shallow, and warm sea, this place is perfect for the young children to splash around and explore their swimming skills. As Fuwairit beach is a northeast-facing beach, you would not be able to view the sunset from here.

    However, if you pitch a tent here and wake up in time, you will be able to view the sunrise. If you are lucky enough, you can see the dolphins here. Kite surfers also visit the beach area on windy days for various sporting events.

    Parking: Near the beach

    Entry fee: Yes

  • Dukhan Beach

    Dukhan Beach

    Dukhan, Qatar

    This beach is located on the west coast of Qatar. The sandy beach is ideal for barbecuing, swimming, or walking. Kids of all age groups can play freely on the beach as the water is not too deep.

    You can watch the fishes and crabs in the shoreline of the Dukhan beach. Nipa huts and cottages with tables and chairs are also accessible in the shoreline. There is a picnic roof for the tourists to take a break from the swimming and get shielded from the beach sun. Surfing and swimming are the main highlights of Dukhan beach.

    Car parking: Yes

    Entry fee: Yes

  • Sand Dune Bashing

    Sand Dune Bashing

    Qatar Ventures, Barwa Village Building No 12, Doha, Qatar

    Get ready to experience the thrilling adventure of Sand Dune Bashing, which is also famous as 'Over the Sand Dune'. You will start your journey from Doha in an SUV being driven by experienced Qatari drivers. After entering the desert, you will be driven down to the giant dunes to experience the exhilarating adventure.

    At three points, you will get an opportunity to capture the scenic beauty of the desert. The Inland Sea would be the final point of this tour wherein you will notice a breathtaking view of the desert with one side leading to the sea. You will stop here for some dates and Arabic coffee and then make your way back to Doha.

    Hours open: 9 am–1 pm | 2:30 pm–6:30 pm

    Tour duration: 4 hours

  • Overnight Desert Safari

    Overnight Desert Safari

    Al Asmak Street, Doha, Qatar

    A minimum of three people are required to go for an overnight desert safari. The night stay camps have tents (Bedouin style) with separate toilets and traditional seating. The highlights of the overnight desert safari include dune driving, camel rides, barbeque and buffet dinner, sand boarding, and sunset photography.

    Swimming lovers can go for a swim anytime in The Inland Sea that leads to the desert. You will be served with fresh breakfast the next morning before driving back to Doha. The departure for Doha will take place at 8:30 am.

    Duration: Overnight stay

    Charges: QR300 per person

  • Private Desert Safari

    Private Desert Safari

    Doha, Qatar

    Make your safari special by hiring a car solely for your driving pleasure. Travelers not interested in dune bashing prefer to opt for a simple desert safari tour. The private safari car has a capacity for six people. A pick and drop facility is provided to/from the hotel/house anywhere in Doha.

    In a hired car, you can enjoy a variety of safari options such as morning safari, evening safari, or an overnight safari.

    Prior reservation required: Yes

    Tour duration: 4 hours

  • Al Rakiyat Fort

    Al Rakayat Fort

    Al Shamal, Qatar

    Al Rakiyat Fort is situated in the northwest of Doha. There is a freshwater well in the fort and the remains of the village can also be found scattered in the nearby areas. Al Rakiyat is basically another word for 'well' in the Arabic language. There is an old story associated with the place that the fort was built to shield the water resources in the area.

    The architecture of the fort comprises of one cylindrical and three rectangular towers. All the three sides of the central courtyard are without windows and doors. The courtyard contains narrow rooms, which face the well illuminated and spacious courtyard.

    Car parking: Yes

    Entry fee: Yes

    Distance from Doha: 85 km/53 miles

  • Al Zubara Fort

    Al Zubarah Fort

    Zubarah, Qatar

    This fort was originally made as a base for the Qatari military and police to protect Qatar’s north-west coast. Being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, Al Zubara Fort has become the most iconic landmark in the history of Qatar. The outer wall of the fort has a breathtaking view. The site of the fort has the remains of mosques, residential places, and marketplaces, which clearly indicate how lively this place had been in the past.

    The inside of the fort displays a fine collection of pottery and archaeological antiques, which also shed some light on Zubarah’s history.

    Hours open: 8 am-6 pm

    Car parking: Yes

    Distance from Doha: 104 km/65 miles

  • Al Koot Fort

    Al Koot Fort

    Ukaz St, Doha, Qatar

    The Al Koot Fort was built in 1927 with an aim of safeguarding the Souq Waqif. This fort was also used as a jail in the past. It’s a square shaped fort, which has one rectangular and three circular towers. The white-colored fort is crowned with traditional Qatari style battlements.

    The fort is being used as a museum as well and has the local handicrafts made up of ceramics, glasswork, and oil painting displayed for the visitors. It is an archetypal fort in the history of Qatar.

    Hours open: 8 am–12 midnight

    Car parking: Yes

    Distance from Doha Downtown: Less than 1 mile

  • Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

    Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers

    Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, Qatar

    The Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, also known as Barzan Towers, was built at the beginning of 20th century. The fort is connected to two more buildings, one facing west and the other facing north. Barzan Towers have been renovated recently and fitted with air-conditioners.

    You can reach the Barzan Towers by following the route from the northern outskirts of Doha on the North Road to Al-Ruweis. The fort’s architecture features the traditional Qatari designs that extensively use coral rocks and limestone cementing. They form an important part of Qatar’s modern history.

    Car parking: Yes

    Entry fee: Yes

    Distance from Doha: 20 km/12 miles

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